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The collection of liquid waste (oil waste or sewage) can come from ships that are anchored, docked at the port or from ships that are in dry dock or in shipyards.

MARPOLGAL uses different forms of collection depending on the amount of waste, its nature or location.

We use our inter-connectable approved waste deposits (UNE-EN 10025-2), with a 3m3 capacity and that have a filling alarm system to avoid overflow. The customer pumps the waste to this deposit according to his needs.

It is perfect to place in shipyards or docks and provide a service to the ships there, its connection and operating system is very simple.

MARPOLGAL uses tow trucks with a crane to enable these deposits to be transported and placed or collected in docks, shipyards or any other location our customers request.

If ships that are in shipyards or sports marinas require this, we have a vacuum system truck that we use to empty deposits, from where the waste from the customer’s facilities is being stored.

At MARPOLGAL we have tankers with capacities of between 25 and 30m3. The ship that is being serviced pumps directly through to our cistern tankers that are located on the dockside. If necessary and if requested by the ship, we can provide pumping means.

The PASAXE boat, which has a Certificate of Fitness to collect waste from Marpol Annexes I, IV, V, VI has been designed for these types of services and has its own vacuum and pumping systems. Its storage capacity is of about 250m3.

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